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How to know if a product is Original?

Look for the seal of authenticity, the labeled cap and the serial number on your product, remember that only here you have a guarantee_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-138bad5cf5 that your products are_made by 100% Original.


Currently some distributors with products without series have been registered, which are not of official origin of Rotterdam Pharmaceuticals



About us?

rotterdam labs

We are Rotterdam Pharmaceuticals , a 100% safe and trustworthy laboratory. Our goal is to improve the performance, life and health of each athlete, providing the best tools in

Rotterdam Pharmaceuticals we adhere to Health and Quality standards.

Rotterdam Pharmaceuticals, in search of the Innovation and Quality of our products, following strict quality and sterility standards, is the flagship of our laboratory. Rotterdam Pharmaceuticals represents the commitment to the community of Athletes and Bodybuilders who demand 100% safe and high quality products.


Within the production process of our laboratory, the strictest quality standards are required. Each one of our members and collaborators responds to this philosophy, which is to create and formulate unique products.



The quality of our products is of Pharmaceutical Grade, one of the main concerns of athletes and bodybuilders who consume these substances is to acquire quality products that contain 100% MG of each substance, contemplating Purity and quality.


At Rotterdam Pharmaceuticals we reaffirm our reputation and prestige as a company committed to athletes and bodybuilders in providing only the best in each product.



As already mentioned, our products strictly follow the latest quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry. We are a first level laboratory, approved and certified for the distribution of Pharmacology and Peptides always following health and safety standards.

The changes brought about by Innovation and transformations are to improve and reaffirm being market leaders in ergogenic aids for athletes, providing the best tools in bodybuilding chemistry of high quality and effectiveness. 

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